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A Conversation With Mark Kelly

In a quick conversation with Mark Kelly, I reviewed a few stats about gun shows,  He finished my sentence.  His knowledge is all encompassing of the issues including gun shows.  He stressed the accomplishments of Giffords: sponsorship of 250 pieces of legislation in 45 states.  He stressed what we have proven in California:  common sense gun legislation saves lives.   Then he pointed out that we have Nevada and Arizona on our borders and their lack of gun safety laws makes us less safe. He made the argument that unless we elect Mike Levin to congress and have a Democratic majority, we will face the possibility of the passage of NRA legislation pending in Congress now.  They are: NRA efforts to expand Concealed Carry reciprocity nationwide; legalizing gun silencers; ending gun free zones at schools from K through 12; disallowing funding for the CDC which would study the impact of gun violence on the health of our people. He reminded us that all this legislation could become a reality …


The 22nd DAA Board agreed not to sign a contract for 2019 gun shows.They directed staff to propose a policy for the future which:Considers the feasibility of conducting gun shows for only educational
and safety training purposes and bans the possession of guns and
ammunition on state propertyAligns gun show contract language with recent changes in state and
federal lawDetails an enhanced security plan for the conduct of future shows
Proposes a safety planConsiders the age appropriateness of such an eventPress CoverageBan on gun shows at Del Mar fairgrounds reflects state’s priorities Del Mar Fairgrounds Press Release