Support: AB 276 (Friedman)-Firearm Storage

Ira Sharp, Co-Founder
834 Crest Road
Del Mar, CA 92014

March 6, 2019
The Honorable Laura Friedman
California State Assembly State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Assemblymember Friedman:
I am a co-founder of NeverAgainCA, a grassroots organization which was founded after the massacre in Parkland, FL to support sensible regulation of the sale, possession and use of firearms and ammunition in order to eliminate firearm sales, possession or use on state-owned property and to reduce firearm violence in our communities. In furtherance of our goal to reduce firearm violence, NeverAgainCA is pleased to support AB 276.

The number of Californians killed or injured as a result of firearm owners who do not follow safe storage practices and procedures would be substantially reduced if this bill were to become law. Children playing innocent games find unsecured firearms; people in emotional stress consider suicide and take their own lives because of easy access to unsecured firearms; non-violent criminals become killers when easy access to unsecured firearms becomes too easy to resist. It is time for California’s safe storage laws to require a person to securely store his or her firearm in the home when the person is outside the residence. A ten-year firearm prohibition on persons convicted of violating safe storage laws is sensible and logical; that person who has endangered the lives of family, friends, guests and the community through unsafe firearm storage should be held accountable and family, friends, guests and the community should be protected, by keeping firearms out of his or her hands for a lengthy period.

On a personal level, I am a long-time member and supporter of the ACLU. I have served on the legal panels of several chapters, on several local chapter boards, the boards of the ACLU in Missouri and Florida, as well as the national board. I understand that there is always the need to balance laws which regulate conduct with the liberties that we enjoy in our way of life.

Complying with AB 276’s safe storage requirement is easy and inexpensive. It does not place an unfair or unequal burden on anyone or any segment of our society; the benefit to our communities of compliance with safe storage requirements far outweighs the cost to comply with the AB 276 requirements or the damages risked by non-compliance. The proposed penalty perfectly fits the proposed crime.  The effect of passing AB 276 will be like anti-drunk driving and seat belt requirement laws: it will change people’s conduct in a small way that has a huge benefit to society without any meaningful surrender of personal freedom.
NeverAgainCA’s mission to reduce firearm violence in our communities will be advanced by adoption of AB 267’s enhanced safe storage requirements which hold accountable those who subject their families, friends, guests and community to the unnecessary danger of firearms left unsecured when they are absent from their homes. Thank you for introducing and supporting this measure.

Ira Sharp
Co-Founder and Legislative Director


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