A Conversation With Mark Kelly

In a quick conversation with Mark Kelly, I reviewed a few stats about gun shows,  He finished my sentence.  His knowledge is all encompassing of the issues including gun shows.  He stressed the accomplishments of Giffords: sponsorship of 250 pieces of legislation in 45 states.  He stressed what we have proven in California:  common sense gun legislation saves lives.   Then he pointed out that we have Nevada and Arizona on our borders and their lack of gun safety laws makes us less safe. He made the argument that unless we elect Mike Levin to congress and have a Democratic majority, we will face the possibility of the passage of NRA legislation pending in Congress now.  They are: NRA efforts to expand Concealed Carry reciprocity nationwide; legalizing gun silencers; ending gun free zones at schools from K through 12; disallowing funding for the CDC which would study the impact of gun violence on the health of our people. He reminded us that all this legislation could become a reality if we do not have a Democratic majority in Congress.  He wrapped up with a fact we know all too well: the United States only surpasses Yemen in less deaths from gun violence.  He stated  that the USA is ranked between 20th and 25th among industrialized nations in safety from death by guns.
When Gabby spoke she was loud and clear that this is a fight we must all undertake.  Her strength was like a blessing on all of our efforts.
When Mike Levin spoke he gave a special acknowledgement to a local student who lead her school in the walk outs in memory of the Parkland students.  He then turned his praise to  those present from Moms Demand Action and NeverAgainCa for all the work that we are doing to end gun violence.  It was honor to be recognized in front of the Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly  and the 200 plus people present.  Mike shared that Gabby and Mark had filmed a campaign video with him in San Clemente in support of his election not far from the Nixon White House!
To all those who have volunteered for the Brady Group, Moms Demand Action and NeverAgainCa, I express my appreciation for making our efforts recognized before two heroes in our efforts to end gun violence in the USA. It was truly an inspiring moment.


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