We need your help!

You helped stop the gun shows in Del Mar. Unfortunately, the THE GUN SHOW MORATORIUM IS IN JEOPARDY AND WE NEED YOU TO SHOW UP ON TUESDAY, July 16, at the Board Room on the southern end of the Fairgrounds. Free parking IN THE MAIN PARKING LOT. The meeting starts at 1:30pm, but please arrive 30 MINUTES EARLY at 1pm for a seat. **The San Diego Gun Owner’s Association (supported by the NRA) has filed a lawsuit against the Fair Board challenging the gun show moratorium. A judge has issued a temporary injunction and the GUN SHOW MORATORIUM MAY BE OVERTURNED! This is a special meeting of the Fair Board on how to respond to the lawsuit. They will hear our comments and then go into closed session. As before, they will be counting faces on both sides of the aisle and we all need to show up in our ORANGE T-SHIRTS or other anti-gun violence organization T-Shirts and let our Fair Board know that we are counting on them to STAY THE COURSE and DO THE RIGHT THING by FIGHTING THIS LAWSUIT! O…

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